Kamide Kizan, red and gold bowl with designs of four seasons and waka poems

Waka poems are written in gold on the outer surface painted in black, but on the inner surface, seasonal scenery (seasonal quaint things, natural features, etc.) is drawn to visually decorate the waka poems. It is stylish that the designs and patterns of the four seasons on the inside and the black surface on the outside stand out from each other.

size: caliber about 17.4 cm, height about 10 cm

The outer is painted in black, and on the surface, waka poems and pine trees are written and drawn in gold. This waka poem seems to be decorated with colorful design inside.

The inner is divided into eight panels, and the seasonal scenery is drawn in four windows, and the other four are gorgeously and delicately filled up with flowers in gold, brocade patterns, and clouds carrying auspiciousness. The center shows an unusual composition that the crane and auspicious pattern in blue and white are decorated with gold.

As for the designs of the four seasons, spring is expressed by warbler on plum tree, summer is expressed by furniture to hang a kimono, autumn is expressed by colored leaves, and winter is expressed by withered leaves.

The unusually shape of the bowl is called a helmet bowl because it looks like a samurai kabuto when the bowl is turned down. The helmet-shaped bowl could be seen in the works of Yoshida-ya kiln in the late Edo period, but it is a relatively rare shape in Meiji kutani.

The beauty in the molding of this bowl is great, and it is molded so that it gradually becomes thinner toward the edge and warped. In addition, the molding of a slightly higher foot is also beautiful.

The back name “九谷kutani / 上出Kamide” is written in gold on the black outside. It is written under the waka poem so small that it may be overlooked.

creator of the work

Kamide Kizan 上出喜山  born in 1842, dead in 1897

Kamide Kisaburo (上出喜三郎) was called the first Kamide Kizan in his later years. He was born in a farmhouse in Sakaedani, Enuma-county, and tended to get sick when he was a child. So, he studied Japanese-style painting from two masters together with Takeuchi Ginshu (竹内吟秋) and Asai Ichimo (浅井一毫), and started the porcelain painting business in 1870. This is said to be the beginning of the “Kamide” family.

The back name of the first Kamide Kizan is often “九谷kutani / 上出Kamide”, and the back name “Kamide Kizan” (上出喜山) became to be well known since the third Kamide Kisaburo.