Hatta Itsuzan, brocade and aka-e koro with bird-and-flower figure

It is a little large incense burner in the works of this creator, and it is a rare type. The whole is overflowing with a bird-and-flower in aka-e, and with patterns in brocade. The knob on the lid and the small statues seen on the tripod, even if they are rare beasts, have a lovely expression. The humor of the creator is transmitted from this work.

size; width about 14 cm, height about 21.5 cm

Using the spherical surface of the torso, the bird-and-flower is rotated in aka-e to form a continuous figure. The background of the bird-and-flower is pointillized, and the calm atmosphere would be felt.

Delicate flower-and-bird and patterns are drawn on the lid, and the knob is a cute lion. The shape of the mouth of the koro is shaped like a wave, and the leaves of the flowers patterned in brocade are drawn on it, and it shows various brilliance depending on the angle of light.

The back inscription is written as “九谷kutani / 逸山Itsuzan”.

creator of the work

Hatta Itsuzan 八田 逸山  year of birth and death is unknown.

It is found that Hatta Ituzan learned porcelain painting from master craftsman Sasada Yuzan (笹田友山), or that Hatta was asked by pottery merchant Ennaka Magohei (円中孫平) to create the export kutani, or that master craftsman Ishino Ryuzan (石野竜山) was a disciple of Hatta. From these facts, it is thought that Hatta was active in the middle of the Meiji period.

In addition, the fact that the creation was asked by Ennaka (円中) and big pottery merchant Watano Kichiji (綿野吉二), who carefully selected excellent Meiji kutani and exported it, shows that Hatta was one of the master craftsmen of Meiji kutani. Therefore, his works such as aka-e and brocade are handed down as masterpieces.