Miyagawa Eifuku, brocade vase with peony and dragon

As this creator wrote on the original wooden box as “brocade-style”, the surface of the vase has the peony pattern in brocade drawn in three large red balls, two dragons drawn in gold on the red belt. The balance between red, gold and margins are good.

size; caliber about 7.2 cm, height about 24.2 cm

The peony is drawn by the technique of brocade in three large red balls, and the gold is scraped off finely, so the appearance of the peony is delicately expressed. On the other hand, on the red belt, two dragons with fluttering around are drawn by a thick gold line. This contrast is interesting.

The green and red patterns around the neck of the vase add a vibrant accent, which is also circulated around the bottom. Green and red patterns are reflected vividly in the margin.

The back name is written as “九谷kutani / 永福Eifuku”.

creator of the work

Miyagawa Eifuku  宮川永福  born in 1867, and died in 1936

Miyagawa studied porcelain painting under Iwanami Gyokuzan (岩波玉山) in Kanazawa when he was very young. Later he was invited by Matsumoto Sahei (松本佐平) as the foreman of the painting factory of “Shoun-do” (松雲堂) and took up the post. Taking advantage of the experience of the factory where Matsumoto created “Shoun-do style” works that fused both aka-e and ao-kutani, Miyagawa created elaborate painting style works using red, green and gold.