Shimizu Bizan, gold-moriage bowl with bamboo design and handle

The creator drew a bamboo design on the body in only black and gold, and created a calm atmosphere, and even the sound of a quick breeze seems to be heard. This is also the skill of Shimizu Bizan (清水美山), who was a master of gold painting, and it is wonderful to use properly techniques such as gold blurring and “mori-kin” (mounted gold) on the inside and outside of the bowl.

size: width about 11.4 cm, height about 10.2 cm

The black outline that can be seen under the gold base expresses the stretched bamboo. Bamboo design which was drawn by using the blurring technique might become the subject of the Japanese-style painting, so it looks like a sumi-e.

On the other hand, the gold bamboo that is painted by the technique of gold-moriage (gold mounted) is drawn on the inside, which contrasts nicely with the bamboo on the outside, both have a remarkable beauty.

This small bowl has an unusual shaped handle, which extends arched from both sides of a slightly oval bowl and has a fine pattern on the handle.

Although it is a thick body, the foot is made slightly smaller and thinner. Since there are other small bowls with handles, it is possible that they were exported to the Westerns as accessory cases for earrings and tie clips, or confectionery box for candy.

The back name is written small as “九谷kutani / 美山Bizan”.

creator of the work

Shimizu Bizan 清水 美山  born in 1861), and died in 1931.

Shimizu Bizan learned Japanese-style paintings, and porcelain paintings from Kasama Shuseki (笠間秀石). After that, he started the porcelain painting business in Kanazawa, and established various techniques and painting styles. So he was called a master craftsman in Kanazawa kutani.

He was especially good at a technique of delicate painting “mori-kin” (painting gold many times to make it look like it’s swelling), and became one of the representatives of “Japan kutani”, which caused a worldwide boom in the Meiji period.