Kamide Kizan, colored and gold fan-shaped plate with sparrow and bamboo

It is a plate with fan shape that expresses auspiciousness in both itself the shape and the pattern, and probably the painting shows the technique for the creator’ taste. So, it was one of a set which was made as a celebration item.

size: width (maximum) about 20.6 cm, vertical width (maximum) about 12.6 cm height about 2.8 cm

Sparrows that look like humans are taking a walk in the bamboo bush. The delicate and soft texture of small creatures is well expressed, such as the piggybacked small sparrow looking into the face.

Three-dimensional small chrysanthemums are circulated around the center of the plate, and on the top and bottom of fan surface is painted in brocade contrasted with black, and a pattern suitable for a gorgeous celebration is drawn.

On the back side, “九谷kutani / 製made by 上出Kamide” is written inside the foot, and bamboo leaves are arranged on the outside.

creator of the work

Kamide Kizan 上出喜山  born in 1842, dead in 1897

Kamide was called the first Kamide Kizan in his later years. He was born in a farmhouse in Sakaedani, Enuma-county, and tended to get sick when he was a child. So, he studied Japanese-style painting from two masters together with Takeuchi Ginshu (竹内吟秋) and Asai Ichimo (浅井一毫), and started the porcelain painting business in 1870. This is said to be the beginning of the “Kamide” family.

The back name of the first Kamide Kizan is often “九谷kutani / 上出Kamide”, and the back name “Kamide Kizan” (上出喜山) became to be well known since the third Kamide Kisaburo.